Wireless internet security cameras

I am not a tech-savvy and I’m looking for recommendations for a camera that can operate without Wi-Fi but still allows me to view footage remotely.

Any suggestions are welcome!

If you’re looking for a camera that can operate without Wi-Fi but still lets you view footage remotely, consider getting a cellular security camera.

Brands like Arlo Go or Reolink Go are good options. These cameras use a cellular data connection instead of Wi-Fi, allowing you to access footage remotely through a smartphone app.

They’re user-friendly and perfect if you’re not tech-savvy.

There are actually a couple of options that might work well for you, even without Wi-Fi.

Cellular security cameras are a great solution for people who need remote viewing but don’t have Wi-Fi.

Hey Scott, I’ve been in the same boat looking for a no-Wi-Fi camera solution. After some research, I found that 4G LTE cameras are a great option. They use cellular data to transmit video, so you can definitely view footage remotely without Wi-Fi. Brands like Reolink have some solid models worth checking out.

Hey @GuardGuru, thanks for sharing your research! 4G LTE cameras sound like a game-changer for those Wi-Fi dead zones. I’ll check out Reolink for sure.