Wireless Door Alarms

Hello there.

I want a door alarm that uses a wireless fob that makes no noise at all or very little noise when arming and disarming.

It only has to be a simple, 100dB-producing, battery-operated magnet and sensor setup. What matters is that I can set it without having to hear a loud beep each time.

I appreciate your assistance in advance. :slight_smile:

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it aint complex,Wireless door alarms offer an effective method for deterring crime and safeguarding your home or business. They are simple to install and can be combined with additional security measures to establish a complete security setup.

You can use a DSC 1832, but it takes more effort to set up. It beeps when arming/disarming, but you can lower or tape over the buzzer. You’ll need wireless fobs and door contacts too. For a loud siren, try the Honeywell WAVE2. This setup is more secure and customizable than cheap alarms, and you can expand it later. Check eBay, JMAC Supply, or Amazon for good deals.