Why would someone take a picture of my house?

I was eating dinner when I looked out the window and saw a guy with plates from another state taking pictures of my house. I hesitated too long, and when I went to check, he was gone. Now, I’m thinking of getting a security camera, but the ones I’ve seen don’t work well for cars passing by or record video all the time. I want something that records all day so I can check for anything unusual, like the guy who doesn’t clean up after his dog or the person going through my recycling early in the morning. What are the best options for neighborhood surveillance?

Are you falling behind on payments? Have you been ignoring calls from your mortgage company? Occupancy inspections are typically ordered when you’re 45 days past due and there’s been no communication from you. Another scenario where inspections may be ordered is if your area has been declared a disaster area with significant damage, in which case inspections are conducted to assess the extent of the damage.

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You are right to be worried because, in today’s world, people can even spy on you for reasons well known to them, and of course, most of the time, the reasons are really bad.

  • To be safe, you need to install some neighbourhood cameras for surveillance. It is better to install cameras that record videos for better surveillance.
  • You can also install License Plate Readers (LPR) to capture license plates, aiding in identifying vehicles. It is useful for tracking unfamiliar cars or monitoring traffic in your area.
  • Neighborhood Watch Apps and Tools: NeighborhoodScout, Family Watchdog, CityProtect, AreaVibes, and Nextdoor provide safety information and connect neighbors