Why can't I factory reset my ADT DBC835V2 doorbell camera?

Why isn’t my ADT DBC835-V2 doorbell camera allowing a factory reset? I’ve been trying to reset it so I can reconnect it to my ADT Command system, but it’s not blinking red as it should during the reset process. I’ve even removed the device from the app. Any suggestions on how to proceed? Thanks.


Try powering off the camera, then turning it back on. Wait until the red light begins blinking, then press and hold the red button on the back until you hear a bell sound.

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Are you currently using ADT’s monitoring service? If you are, they might have to remove it from the backend of your account so you can reinstall it. Considering you’re paying them $60 or more per month, I would suggest having them handle this.

Based on the detailed search results, I’ve encountered a similar issue with my ADT DBC835-V2 doorbell camera not being able to factory reset properly. Despite trying various troubleshooting steps like turning it off and on, pressing the reset button, and removing it from the ADT app, the camera just won’t enter the continuous red blinking mode that indicates a successful reset. The key seems to be that once these cameras are paired with an ADT system, they become very difficult to fully reset. The consensus is that ADT likely has some backend controls that prevent a complete factory reset, likely to maintain their monitoring services. The only real solution appears to be contacting ADT directly and having them remove the camera from your account, which should then allow you to reset it and re-pair it. This can be a frustrating process, but it seems to be the only way to get an ADT-connected doorbell camera back to its factory settings. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind if I ever need to reset my own DBC835-V2 in the future.

If the bell’s lights are flashing red and blue, open the ADT control app and remove the device. Then, navigate to “Add Device” and select “Camera,” not “Doorbell.” The app will display the doorbell, allowing you to re-add it. Once paired with a system, it won’t require a full reset.

Although I am really late to the party, I was wondering if you have handled this OP. Right now, I’m experiencing the same problem, and every time I call ADT, they take every precaution to avoid sending someone out.

Is your network dual-band, or do you have separate 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks? Have you changed your WiFi password or network name?