Who knows of any home security systems with no monthly fee?

Seeking a hardware solution capable of triggering an alarm and sending notifications to a cell phone in case of a burglary. Need sensors for a few windows and doors, preferably without subscription fees. Can handle both hardware and software setup. Any suggestions or recommendations?

You have two options: Honeywell Vista 20P paired with an eyezon Envisalink 4 or a DSC PowerSeries (non-Neo) with the Envisalink 4. The Envisalink 4, a third-party module, integrates into the alarm system’s ECP bus, enabling remote control, email, and SMS alerts via your internet connection, all without any monthly fees.

I’d lean towards the Honeywell Vista 20 with an Envisalink module. It’s a versatile system, supporting both hardwire and wireless modules, known for its reliability. With this setup, you can arm/disarm via your phone and receive alarm notifications, all without any subscriptions or monthly fees. It’s straightforward, especially coming from someone in the alarm business. Plus, if you ever opt for monitoring, Envisalink charges around $9 per month.

You seem to have chosen the winning products! The reviews for both of your recommendations look promising. Before I place my order and start installing them, do you have any tips or guides that could help me out?