Which Wi-Fi home security alarm system is recommended?

Which Wi-Fi home security alarm system is recommended?

Hello, I frequently install home security systems for people.
Recently, I’ve seen an increasing interest in the Ring Alarm Pro.

Best Features of the Ring Alarm Pro

  • Built-in Eero router for your Wi-Fi that comes with Eero secure ($30 per year service)
  • Expandable battery backup power
  • MicroSD card (supports up to 512GB in storage)
  • 24/7 Internet connectivity, in case your internet is off, the Ring Pro uses its cellular internet (Limit of 3GB per month). Network system, alarm and ring cameras will continue working

Hi Donna… For a reliable Wi-Fi home security alarm system, the Ring Alarm Pro is highly recommended. It offers comprehensive home security with easy DIY installation, integration with other Ring devices, and professional monitoring options. The system includes door/window sensors, a motion detector, a base station with a built-in eero Wi-Fi 6 router for enhanced network coverage, and a keypad. It also supports Alexa voice control and works well with other smart home devices. Its flexibility, user-friendly app, and robust feature set make it a top choice for homeowners seeking a dependable and versatile security solution.

The most well-known companies that provide professionally installed and monitored systems, or self-monitoring if preferred, are Vivint, SimpliSafe, and ADT. Offering the most features for a do-it-yourself home security system, Ring records to the cloud and necessitates a subscription. Eufy offers high-quality products without a monthly subscription; however, I advise caution and research before using them.

Walk away from ADT and Vivint, don’t walk. Never sign anything. While Vivint has excellent equipment, its business methods are dubious and appalling. No matter how poor the technology or service is, you cannot get out of an ironclad contract with ADT because it is cumbersome, inconsistent, and unchangeable.