Which security company actually does have the best equipment?

I was going to go with ADT because they’re the biggest company in the Houston area but a guy from militia security is saying their company’s equipment is better because it’s backed up to a dvr or something. Could anyone lead me in the right direction on which company is the best for professional monitoring?

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When it comes to professional monitoring for home security, companies like Vivint and Frontpoint are often regarded as top choices. They offer reliable monitoring services, quick response times, and comprehensive security solutions to keep your home safe.

ADT is undoubtedly a well-established name and is known for its extensive reach and experience in the industry. With a large customer base and a wide range of security products and services, ADT has built a solid reputation over the years.
Their professional monitoring services typically involve round-the-clock monitoring by trained professionals who can quickly respond to any security alerts.

On the other hand, Militia Security may be a smaller company, but it prides itself on offering high-quality equipment and personalized services. The use of DVR (Digital Video Recorder) for backup could be seen as an added layer of security, providing you with recorded footage in case of any incidents. Additionally, being a local company, Militia Security may offer more personalized customer support and quicker response times.

However, the best choice for professional monitoring will depend on factors such as reliability, customer satisfaction, and the level of customization you require for your home security system.