Which security cameras are good for inside and outside?

Arlo is not good, so we won’t consider it. Their wireless cameras are really bad. But their wired cameras are okay.

I need cameras for both indoors and outdoors. If anyone has suggestions, please let me know! Thanks!

since you have ruled out Arlo wireless and want wired options, here are some options for indoor and outdoor security cameras, wireless and want wired options:

  1. Best Indoor Camera: Nest Cam (wired): Easy to use, reliable, good video quality, works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  2. Best Outdoor Camera: Reolink PoE NVR Kit: Affordable, weatherproof, good night vision, multiple camera options, local storage

What to consider while you are looking for a security camera:

  • Wired vs. Wireless: Wired cameras are generally more reliable but require drilling for installation. Wireless cameras are easier to install but may have weaker signals and shorter battery life.
  • Weatherproof: If you need a camera for outdoors, make sure it is weatherproof.
  • Video Quality: Consider the resolution (higher is better) and field of view of the camera.
  • Storage: Some cameras offer cloud storage, while others allow you to store footage locally on a microSD card.

For indoor and outdoor cameras, avoiding Arlo’s wireless options, consider brands like Nest for indoors and Ring for outdoors.

Both offer reliable, high-quality wired cameras with great features.

Check out Nest for inside and Ring for outside, skip Arlo’s wireless ones. They have good wired cameras with useful features for keeping places safe.

For indoor and outdoor security, consider Wyze for wireless flexibility and Nest Wired for reliable wired options that allow easy door closure.