Which security camera has the farthest range?

Hey guys! I’m in the market for a new security camera and range is a crucial factor for me.

I’m specifically looking for a security camera that offers the farthest range possible.

Can anyone share their experiences or recommendations on which security camera models excel in this area?

I’m interested in both wired and wireless options.

Any insights on features, reliability, and overall performance would be greatly appreciated.

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hallo people,my guess is,security camera retailers frequently classify cameras by range (such as “long-range”) to help with your search. Additionally, you can seek advice from security camera experts for recommendations tailored to your needs.


A camera with an optical zoom is a great recommendation. I advise you to use the Reolink RLCC-823A 16x.

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I have both the s100 and floodlight cam 2 pro. If you’re looking for furthest detection performance, then that would be the floodlights as they detect up to 40 ft. The s100 is reliable at 25 ft but can detect at 30 ft. If you don’t want/need a floodlight the Eufy solo cam E40 has probably the best detection range at 40-45 ft and is fast to respond with motion going towards it ( this is an area most PIR cameras come short) for some reason this model has a better PIR sensor and or firmware than the rest of the Eufy line.

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The Reolink RLC-423 has one of the farthest ranges among security cameras, featuring a 4X optical zoom and night vision up to 190 feet. It’s ideal for monitoring large areas with high clarity and detail.

The security camera with the farthest range is the Trail Camera with Night Vision 4K. This impressive device features a 48MP camera and a wide 130° viewing angle. It’s designed for outdoor use, making it ideal for both wildlife surveillance and home security. The camera boasts a quick 0.05-second trigger for motion activation, ensuring it captures fast-moving subjects. It has a remarkable infrared sensing range of up to 98 feet, allowing it to monitor large areas effectively even at night. Additionally, the camera is built to withstand harsh weather conditions with its IP66 waterproof rating. With a 4.2 out of 5-star rating from 192 reviews, this Trail Camera offers reliable and far-reaching surveillance capabilities.

Hello, LockSmithLeo. Get the TP-Link EAP610. I have a solocam around 350 feet from my router, and it works perfectly.

I think the best long range security camera wireless – Arlo Pro 5S 2K Spotlight.