Which is the best outdoor motion sensor?

Hey guys, I need some advice. I’m on the hunt for an outdoor motion sensor that can reliably trigger my house alarm without any false alarms. I tried a Yolink sensor, but it still sets off false alarms about once every three nights, which is way too often for what I need.

On the bright side, my Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is spot-on – no false alarms or animal triggers. That’s the level of accuracy I’m aiming for with a new product.

Any ideas for motion sensors that match up to this, or should I just splurge on another Ring outdoor camera to serve as a fancy motion sensor?

Keep in mind, false alarms mean disturbing my sleep and waking up my neighbors, so accuracy is key here.

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Optex makes arguably the best outdoor motions in the industry Flippa! You gotta check them out!

Sure thing! Here’s a suggestion: You could consider using a video camera system like Blue Iris, Unifi Protect, or Frigate with the Coral Edge TPU connected to Home Assistant. These options might offer the accuracy you’re looking for.

If the Ring camera adequately covers the area you need, sticking with it could be a solid choice.

I suggest you try the Ring Alarm Outdoor Sensor, @Flippa.

It connects directly to the base station, offering quick and reliable triggering using the same motion detection technology as Ring cameras

Alternatively, you might consider the SimpliSafe Outdoor Motion Sensor.

It is well-regarded for its ability to avoid false alarms by using PIR detection and digital processing to minimize incorrect triggers.

Additionally, it features pet immunity, ignoring any motion under 25 lbs.


Consider Ring cameras for reliable detection. Advanced AI sensors like Google Nest Cam reduce false alarms by distinguishing between humans and animals.

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Top Motion Sensor Security Camera Reviews

  1. Arlo Pro 4: Top Pick. Offering excellent performance overall, the Arlo Pro 4 stands out as the best choice.
  2. Nest Doorbell: Ideal for Doorway Surveillance. For the best doorbell camera experience, consider the Nest Doorbell.
  3. Reolink Lumus: Budget-Friendly Option. The Reolink Lumus is perfect for those seeking quality on a budget.
  4. Reolink E1 Zoom: Top Indoor Camera. For indoor monitoring, the Reolink E1 Zoom excels, especially with its pan functionality.
  5. Zumimall Solar Camera: Outstanding Solar-Powered Option. The Zumimall Solar Camera is the top choice for those looking for a solar-powered camera solution.
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Hi guys,
As a seller, I’d recommend the LEONLITE LED Motion Sensor Floodlight as the best overall outdoor motion sensor.

It’s praised for its good detection range, adjustable settings, and overall value and effectiveness at providing security and visibility.

For those looking for a smart device-compatible option, the Philips Hue Outdoor Motion Sensor is a great choice, as it can interface with Alexa, Google, or Apple HomeKit, giving you tons of customizability and control.

If you’re interested in a solar-powered model, the Sunforce Triple Head Solar Motion Light is highly regarded.

And for an option with a camera, the Ring Floodlight Cam Wired Pro offers additional security features.

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It’s amazing how technology has advanced to give us such a variety of options to secure our homes.

From solar-powered lights to smart devices that integrate with our home systems, there’s something for everyone.

It’s like having a personal guardian watching over your property 24/7.