Which is better, Philips Hue or Govee lights?

As you can guess from the title, I am comparing Philips Hue to Govee Smart Home lights.

Right now, I have one Hue bulb in my bedroom lamp (with a Hub connected to my router) and a Govee light strip under my desk in the office. I also have a regular standing lamp with normal bulbs connected to a Smart Life smart plug.

I hate using different brands to control my lights, and I currently have too many. The Google Home app helps manage them, but I want a better solution for the standing lamp.

I’m trying to decide if I should buy more Hue bulbs or get Govee bulbs for the lamp. Hue bulbs are expensive but have great quality, brightness, and color range, plus I already have the Hue Hub. I only have experience with a Govee light strip, so I’m not sure if their bulbs are as good. Are Govee bulbs as bright as Hue? Are they reliable long-term? They seem easy to set up and work with Google Home.

Does anyone have experience with Govee bulbs or thoughts on them?

Thanks for the help!

I trust Philips Hue so much that I think the price is well worth it. In the last seven years, I haven’t had a single failure with many.