Which deadbolt or door lock would you recommend?

Hey peeps! Unfortunately, my house was broken into last night. The intruder managed to pick the lock, but thankfully, the alarm system scared them off. However, this incident has prompted me to consider replacing my locks, as they’re over a decade old. Can anyone recommend some community favorite lock brands or models I should consider?

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It makes sense to upgrade to newer, more secure locks in light of the break-in. For dependable solutions, check into reputable manufacturers like Yale, Kwikset, or Schlage. Think about attributes like longevity, high-security deadbolts, and smart technologies. Speaking with nearby locksmiths or security experts might provide solutions that are specifically catered to your demands and financial constraints.


I would HIGHLY recommend watching “It takes a thief.” on YouTube. The episodes are posted in an awkward format, but you’ll get a wonderful idea of how individuals typically break into different kinds of structures and how to best counter those strategies. :+1:

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If you’re chasing peace of mind, nothing beats employing a real door block—the kind you install under the doorknob that literally prevents it from being opened from the outside.