Which camera system do you recommend for home security?

So, I’ve got this Blink system set up at home, but here’s the kicker - turns out, it only lets me view live footage unless I subscribe. No bueno, right? I need something that’ll actually record motion and keep it for like, at least 30 days. But here’s the catch - I’m on a tight budget and I don’t want to deal with any subscription nonsense.

Got any recommendations for a budget-friendly camera system that fits the bill? Oh, and I’ve also got a cottage with internet and I’d love to add a camera at the front door there too. Ideally, I’d like to manage everything under one system.

Any ideas?

Wyze Cam might just be your budget-friendly hero here. It records motion-triggered clips for free and gives you a solid 14 days of cloud storage. Plus, it’s super easy to set up and manage. And the best part? You can totally add a camera at your cottage too and manage it all under one system. Win-win! Give Wyze Cam a shot and see how it goes!

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Blink systems are a solid choice for many, but they require a subscription for cloud storage and certain features. Here are some budget-friendly alternatives that offer local storage and remote access:

Wyze Cam v3:

  • Price: Around $35
  • Features: 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, free local storage via microSD card (not included)
  • Optional: Small monthly fee for cloud storage

Reolink Argus PT:

  • Price: Around $100
  • Features: Pan and tilt functionality for a wider viewing range, free 32GB microSD card for local storage, night vision, motion detection

Amcrest Indoor Camera 1080p WiFi Home Security Camera:

  • Price: Around $40
  • Features: 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, option for wired connection for more reliable performance

Local Storage vs. Cloud Storage:

  • Local Storage: All these cameras store footage on a microSD card, making them budget-friendly with no subscription fees. However, if the camera is stolen, the footage goes with it.
  • Cloud Storage: Mitigates the risk of stolen footage but typically requires a monthly fee.

Multiple Locations:

  • All these cameras can be accessed and managed remotely through a smartphone app. If you want to set up a camera at another location, like a cottage, simply buy another camera and add it to your existing system, ensuring the location has a WiFi network.

Additional Considerations:

  • Number of Cameras: Determine how many cameras you need, as each adds to the overall cost.
  • Weatherproofing: Ensure cameras used outdoors are weatherproof.
  • Night Vision: Decide if you need cameras to see in the dark.
  • Audio Recording: Some cameras also offer audio recording capabilities.

I would also recommend Wyze and specifically the Wyze Cam Pan V3. Check out its review here