Where can I get long range (>90ft) motion activated flood light?

I’ve tried many motion-activated floodlights, hoping they’d sense motion all the way down my 90-foot driveway. Does anyone know of a brand or type that can actually do that? I don’t need an alarm, just want the light to turn on when there’s motion.

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To find long-range (>90ft) motion-activated floodlights, consider these places:

Amazon: Wide selection, customer reviews, and detailed specs.
Home Depot: Filters for range and features, plus in-store advice.
Lowe’s: Offers a variety of outdoor lighting, with helpful staff.
Best Buy: Carries smart home security, including lighting options.
Specialty Lighting Stores: Expert advice and specialized products.
Check specifications for the detection range and read customer feedback for real-world insights.

Think about these motion-activated, long-range floodlights for your lengthy driveway:

For long-distance detection and smart home integration, Ring Floodlight Cam provides programmable motion zones.

Defiant LED Motion Security Lights: Available at Home Depot and other stores, these lights have adjustable sensitivity to detect motion across wide ranges.

With its superior quality and long range of sensors, Steinel XLED is perfect for large properties.

With careful placement, it is possible to cover up to 60 feet with the RAB Lighting Super Stealth 360, which is renowned for its robust detection range and longevity.

Installation and environmental conditions may have an impact on effectiveness.

Coverage could be maximized by working with lighting experts or pairing two lights for overlapping identification.

See reviews from recently published works for more information.

I dont think he can find a long range >90ft motion-activated floodlight. The best he can do is to find an electrician who can then connect a floodlight to a motion-activated switch which will allow him to set the motion coverage where he wants it

Finding a long-range motion-activated flood light that can cover distances greater than 90 feet can be really challenging, as most consumer-grade motion detectors have a limited range.
Despite being rare, there are a few options where you can get the floodlights like home improvement stores, online marketplaces, or specialty security system providers.