What's the top home security system on Amazon within a budget of $500 to $800?

Hi everyone! I’m wondering what’s the best home security system I can buy on Amazon with a $500 budget, and I can afford around $15 a month for monitoring. I’m checking out some Ring bundles, but are there better options? We don’t have a car in our driveway right now, so a motion sensor that works if someone breaks in while we’re upstairs sleeping would be handy. I heard Ring has a motion sensor that can be set for one floor, and they also offer a glass breakage sensor you can add. Any thoughts?

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You should consider the Lorex 4K ultra HD. Its a 4K- DVR with 2TB storage and 8 more cameras. You can get it at $500 to $599

For within your budget, SimpliSafe and Ring are both excellent options on Amazon. For less than $500, they provide DIY systems with self-monitoring, and for about $15, they provide optional monitoring. If you want extra security against upstairs break-ins, add a glass break sensor and think about installing a motion sensor (like Ring) that operates on certain levels. Examine your options and compare SimpliSafe and Ring to see which is best for you.