What's the best smart dimmer switch?

I upgraded my living room lights to a smart dimmer switch by Feit. The switch is working great, but at one percent brightness, it’s still pretty bright, much brighter than my old setup with a Leviton dimmer. I have seven can lights, each with 15W LEDs. I’ve looked around but can’t find any information on how low different switches can dim. Does anyone know of a switch that dims really well?


Your Feit dimmer switch may be dimming too high for your preferences. There is no fixed standard for how low dimmer switches can go, but there are a few options you can consider. First, check the Feit app to see if there is an option to change the minimum brightness. Second, ensure that your LED bulbs work with Feit dimmers for low-level dimming. If it doesn’t work, several other dimmer brands offer a “deep dimming” feature, which may drop your lights even more. Finally, you may look at internet reviews of several dimmer switches to discover which ones customers think dim the lowest.

You said you liked your old Levitron switches. I have three of their second-generation smart switches, and they’re really good.