What's the best PoE camera for home security?

I currently have Arlo Ultra 2’s and I can’t stand the slow load time to view the cameras live and quite frankly the camera quality is disappointing at range. One camera is approximately 25’ from the street yet you can’t even make out a single digit on a licenses plate.

I am looking for a PoE camera, 4K, NVR. I’ve done research but would still like to gain this communities opinions from personal experience. I’d like the ability to set it up and access it remotely whether it be through a FTP or cloud-based service. I am not overly concerned with security of where it’s stored but want the option. More or less, I’m looking for excellent quality and the ability to read a licenses plate from 25’. I’m still doing research and understanding the capabilities but if I could also get 24-Hour recording, that would be best.

Open to all recommendations. I’d like to keep the cost at or below $2,000.

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It’s great that you’re keeping your budget under $2,000.

Anyone in the community have experience with PoE systems that meet these criteria?

I’m open to all recommendations, cloud-based or FTP storage options

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