What's the best lock or latch for a door?

Hey there, I just bought a house with a wooden front door and I want to make it more secure. Right now, I have a doorbell camera and a smart lock with a deadbolt, but I think there might be other ways to improve security. I’ve heard that door chains and latches aren’t very strong, but I’m open to suggestions from this group. Money isn’t a big concern for me when it comes to making my home safer. But I can’t replace the door itself because of HOA rules.

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Consider reinforcing your wooden front door with a heavy-duty strike plate, longer screws for hinges and strike plates, and a door reinforcement kit. Additionally, install a high-security peephole and upgrade to a stronger deadbolt. These measures, combined with your existing doorbell camera and smart lock, will significantly enhance your home security without violating HOA rules.