What's the Best Indoor and Outdoor Security Setup?

Arlo is out of the picture for me; their wireless cameras just don’t cut it. But their wired ones are okay.

I’m on the hunt for a system with both indoor and outdoor cameras. Any suggestions, folks?


I’ve been using a system that has both indoor and outdoor cameras. I experienced a pretty solid performance with Reolink. The setup was easy peasy, and the picture quality was top-notch. Plus, I can guarantee you’ll feel safer with them around.


Am seconding this. The only complaint on Amazon is that their app is hard to use but I haven’t had any difficulties myself.
However, if he is installing in a rental, he should be prepared to do some filler and touch-up when renewing.


The Arlo Pro has been great in my experience. I love the color night vision feature. The battery life has been awesome as well, best security camera on the market right now imo.

edit: make sure you looking at the latest model: the number 1 on this list here: The Best Outdoor Security Cameras (updated June 2024) - pincara.com

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Hello, Install cameras in key areas such as entry points (doors and windows), common areas (living room, kitchen), and hallways.

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Hi there, Creating the best indoor and outdoor security setup involves integrating a variety of devices and technologies to ensure comprehensive coverage and protection.