What's the best ecosystem for a smart home?

Hey there! I’m thinking of setting up a smart home with the right ecosystem. If you have any suggestions on the best ecosystem for a smart home, please share!

Anything that functions locally. Home Assistant and/or Home Kit. Run away from Google! For cameras/doorbells encrypted/frigate or LCX, and can be exposed to Homekit if desired.

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I’ve found that Home Assistant really hits the mark for flexibility—it’s the true answer in my experience.

I used to like Home Assistant, but right now, I’m looking for something simpler. I don’t have the time to tune or customize Home Assistant to fit my needs.

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Whatever you choose, consider its reliability during internet outages. I use Google Nest devices and a thread network, but if my provider experiences downtime, I lose control via Google Home despite having a local network setup.

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I’ve encountered a similar issue. Currently dealing with internet problems, so my Alexa voice control is a bit unreliable. However, everything else on Home Assistant runs smoothly locally.

I’ve noticed that SmartThings can handle a lot locally now too, which might be worth exploring. I used SmartThings previously and found it effective, though Home Assistant offers more features. Another option to consider is Hubitat, which is well-regarded and operates locally as well.