What's the best DIY security system?

I want a device that can sound an alarm and send a message to my phone if someone tries to break in. I need sensors for a few windows and doors. I don’t want to keep paying fees every month. I can set up both the hardware and software myself. What should I choose? What do you suggest?

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For a DIY, fee-free home security solution, consider a smart home alarm system like the Wyze Home Security System. It includes sensors for doors and windows, triggers an alarm, and sends notifications to your phone via the Wyze app. It’s affordable, easy to set up, and doesn’t require monthly fees.

Abode is a flexible DIY security system that offers both self-monitoring and professional monitoring options. It features a modular design, allowing users to add or remove sensors as needed. Abode also integrates well with smart home devices and platforms, offering a high level of customization and control.

Forget “one size fits all” security. Here’s how to pick the best DIY system for you:

  • Easy Setup: SimpliSafe or Ring Alarm for painless installation, perfect for renters.
  • Monitoring Matters: Abode offers pro monitoring for peace of mind, great for travellers.
  • Techie’s Dream: Wyze or Abode connect to your smart home for a fully automated system.
  • Budget Conscious: Cove offers affordable options without sacrificing security.

Pick your priority (easy setup, monitoring, smarthome, or price) and research options like SimpliSafe, Ring Alarm, Abode, Wyze, and Cove. There’s a perfect DIY security system waiting for you!