What's the best alarm system for securing a work trailer?

Hey, not sure if this is the right spot, but it’s the only place I found for alarm stuff. So, my buddy’s work trailer got hit by thieves a few days back, and they cleaned him out - lost about 5 grand in tools.

He’s asking if there’s any kind of alarm system he can put on his 2-door trailer.

Got any advice or know where he could start looking?


Look into wireless alarm systems designed specifically for trailers. These systems typically include motion sensors, door sensors, and sometimes even cameras that can be easily installed and monitored remotely.


I Consider installing a GPS tracker on the trailer. This way, if the trailer is stolen, your friend can track its location in real-time and provide the information to law enforcement.

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Your friend might also want to consult with security companies that specialize in trailer security :joy: