What is the loudest siren that is legally allowed?

I have Alarmo set up in Home Assistant. When the alarm goes off, a Z-Wave siren sounds. Unfortunately, the siren isn’t loud enough. Would something like this be loud enough to wake up someone?

I’ll use a Z-Wave smart plug to power the siren. So when the alarm goes off, the smart plug turns on and activates the siren.

Some police sirens can reach up to 140 decibels, especially when used in densely populated urban areas or during emergencies. - Regulations in some states require police sirens to be no louder than 130 decibels to prevent noise pollution and potential hearing damage to individuals in close proximity.

Check your town’s siren regulations. Usually, you’re limited to around 115 db, although some jurisdictions will let you go to 120 db for something like 3 seconds. But check.

My college employs one of these with Alarmo, and it’s ear-piercingly loud. I’m confident yours will be up to the task.

Understanding Siren Loudness:

Decibel Rating: Check the siren’s decibel (dB) rating** to gauge its loudness. Higher dB ratings indicate louder sounds. For example, a typical smoke alarm might emit around 85 dB, while a personal safety alarm can exceed 120 dB.
Z-Wave Siren Specifications: Refer to the manual or product specifications** of your Z-Wave siren to find its dB rating.
Alternative Solutions:

High-Volume Z-Wave Siren: If the dB rating is low, consider switching to a different model** of Z-Wave siren known for producing louder volumes.
Additional Sirens: To enhance coverage, strategically add more Z-Wave sirens** throughout your home, all managed via the smart plug.
Integration with Smart Speakers:

Smart Speaker Compatibility: If your Home Assistant integrates with smart speakers** such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, you can set up an automation to activate a loud alarm sound** through these speakers when the alarm triggers.
Other Considerations:

Strategic Placement: Position the siren strategically** to ensure optimal sound distribution in areas where people typically reside, especially during sleep.
Alarm Testing: After implementing any solution, conduct thorough tests** to verify the alarm system’s functionality and ensure the volume meets your requirements.