What is the best video doorbell 2024?

Wyze recently launched the Doorbell Cam v2, boasting impressive features. However, the company’s past security concerns raise apprehension. Moreover, unlike Amcrest, Wyze mandates a subscription for alerts, contrasting Amcrest’s free service.

I’ve had a chance to interact with Wyze v2 before. I love some of its features such as its 24/7 recording capabilities. I think you have got it wrong mate, because Wyze V2 can record on a local MicroSD, so, you do not need to pay for its subscription.
The No Cam Plus Plan, which comes without a subscription fee relays motion, sound, and smoke-triggered alerts and you do not need to pay for any subscription to get such features.
The subscription for the Cam Plus Plan will only offer a few more sophisticated features such as vehicle, pet, package, and person detection. In general, I think the paid subscription is great for a household with high traffic of visitors and activities such that you will need to utilize cloud video recording as well as the 2x and 4x event fast-forwarding features. Hope this helps.

Choosing the “best” doorbell depends on your needs! Here’s a breakdown:

  • Wyze Doorbell Cam v2: Budget-friendly with good features, but past security concerns and required subscription for alerts are drawbacks.

Alternatives to consider:

  • Amcrest: Free alert option but might lack some features.

Do more research based on your priorities (security, features, cost) to pick the perfect fit

I love my Reolink PoE doorbell. No cloud, no fees, local recording.