What is the best camera doorbell of 2023?

The Amcrest AD410 is often recommended on Reddit for home security because it doesn’t need a subscription and has RTSP capability. But it’s been around since April 2021, and newer models from other companies have come out. I’m curious if anyone has tried a newer model that might be better than Reddit’s favorite doorbell camera.

Wyze just launched the Doorbell Cam v2, which seems great. But Wyze has had some security issues, which is worrying. Also, you have to pay for alerts with Wyze, unlike Amcrest, where it’s free.

Eufy’s cameras look good, but there are concerns about ties with the Chinese government. I got their dual-camera doorbell but returned it after a security problem.

I like the idea of using an NVR/RTSP stream, but I don’t have the space or money for that equipment.

Is there anything that meets my needs?

I have the best for 2024. Will that help?