What doorbell camera is the best?

So my mom and I really need a good doorbell camera. But there are so many types with different features, and some are better than others. Every brand or product has good and bad reviews, so if anyone has suggestions for a wireless doorbell camera that’s easy to mount (charging and batteries aren’t a problem), it would be helpful. We want good video quality and long-range capability because we live on a busy street and our walkway is quite long. We also need it to have minimal lag and good night vision. It should be able to detect human activity well, maybe even alien activity if we’re being imaginative. This will be our first doorbell camera, so we don’t know much. The reviews we’ve seen for different brands are all over the place. Thanks in advance. Please share your thoughts on the best affordable option and why you recommend it.


Hi @Donna, The top doorbell cameras based on different criteria are as follows:

  • Arlo Video Doorbell: Best overall with a wide field of view, built-in siren, and night vision.
  • SimpliSafe Doorbell: Best for affordability and integration with other SimpliSafe devices.
  • Lorex Doorbell: Best for security packages with professional monitoring and smart home features.
  • Google Nest Doorbell: Best features with facial recognition, HDR video, and Google Assistant integration.
  • SkyBell Doorbell: Best for free storage with no monthly fees and cloud recording.
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The Blink Video Doorbell I got is awesome. When I was shopping for camera sets, this was the best deal I found. It’s exactly what I wanted for my backyard – the perfect doorbell and cameras. We decided on this one because it can run on batteries, which only need changing once a year, unlike Ring cameras that need charging every two weeks. Even though we ended up hardwiring it, it’s good to know we had the battery option.