What Are Your Experiences Switching to Brinks Home Security Systems?

I was deceived into switching to Brinks and now I’m stuck in a contract I can’t get out of.

I originally had security service with ADT. Three years ago, a Brinks representative came to my door claiming that ADT had been acquired by Brinks and that he needed to transfer my account and equipment. Naively, I allowed him into my home to make the switch and signed the contract on his tablet.

Recently, I discovered that ADT had not been purchased by Brinks and that I had been misled into switching my service. Today, when I called Brinks to cancel, I was informed that I had signed a five-year contract and would need to pay over $1,000 to terminate it. I explained that I had been deceived and manipulated into switching services. Shockingly, the representative insisted that Brinks had indeed acquired ADT, which was a blatant lie.

I contacted ADT to verify the situation, and they confirmed that Brinks had not purchased ADT and had deceived me to gain my business. When I confronted Brinks again, they apologized for the misinformation but insisted that I must fulfill the remaining two years of the contract or pay the balance.

I’m frustrated because I can’t even locate my contract details in my email or on their customer site.


I believe ADT acquired Brinks accounts. Brinks had over 1 million subscribers, but ADT Corporation had more. This kind of situation is unfortunately common in the industry, with high-pressure and unscrupulous sales representatives.

First, you’ll need a copy of your contract. I suggest trying to file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). While I’m not sure how much it will help, it’s worth a shot. Contracts are binding, and if you decide to remain a subscriber, you’ll need to determine how to cancel by the anniversary date. This typically involves sending a cancellation notice via snail mail with a return receipt, often required around 60 days prior to the renewal date. Simply calling to cancel usually won’t suffice, as most agreements have specific cancellation procedures outlined that must be followed.


Hi, Switching to Brinks Home Security Systems often involves straightforward installation, reliable equipment, and responsive customer service. Users appreciate the mobile app for remote access and monitoring, but some may find the monthly fees and contracts less appealing.

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I just had a similar experience at my doorstep today. The Brinks representative claimed they had acquired ADT, and that my equipment was outdated, among other things.

I told him I needed time to consider it, especially since I’m retired and ADT has been my provider since 1997. Brinks offered a $5 discount on a three-year contract compared to what I currently pay with ADT, but I’ve decided not to switch.

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It’s quite bold of that Brinks salesperson to assert this claim, considering the fact that Brinks was actually acquired by ADT back in 2010! It took eight years for Brinks to eventually separate and become its own company again.