What are the top-rated fully cordless security camera systems?


Our house doesn’t have any fancy gadgets like smart lights or smart locks. We’re thinking about getting a security system. It could be a doorbell or two cameras for our front and back doors. We just need a simple app to see if there’s any movement. We don’t need anything too fancy like super clear video or the ability to talk through the cameras. We’re okay with paying a monthly fee if it’s a good option.

Our house is really old, from around 1880, and we don’t have any electrical outlets outside. I’m not good with electrical stuff, so the system has to be wireless and run on batteries. But we do have good Wi-Fi.

I know a bit about new technology, but there are so many options out there, it’s overwhelming. Ring, Nest, Eufy, and others all seem to have their own problems, according to reviews.

Right now, I’m thinking about Eufy because we already have their baby monitor and like it. What would you recommend for someone like me who’s starting from scratch?

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Hi! Based on your needs for a simple, wireless security system for your old home, Eufy seems like a good fit, especially since you already trust their products. Their battery-powered doorbell or cameras, with easy Wi-Fi setup and a user-friendly app, should suit your requirements. Just double-check specific Eufy models’ reviews to ensure they meet your reliability expectations.

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Hey @Arthur Sounds like you’re on the hunt for a security system that’s simple, effective, and fits the bill for your old house without electrical outlets outside.

Given your situation, Eufy seems like a solid choice like @VigilanceVoyager suggested, especially since you’re already happy with their baby monitor. Sticking with a brand you trust can often simplify things. Their wireless setup should work well for you, and since you’ve had a good experience with their baby monitor, chances are you’ll like their security system too.

Eufy’s systems typically offer straightforward apps for monitoring movement, which aligns perfectly with what you’re looking for. Plus, if you’re okay with paying a monthly fee, they often have subscription options that offer additional features or storage.

While other options like Ring and Nest have their perks, it sounds like simplicity and reliability are key for you, and Eufy seems to fit the bill nicely. Plus, with good Wi-Fi at your place, you should be all set for seamless monitoring.

Eufy is a great suggestion.

I wasn’t aware they had security systems too.

Can you tell me more about the battery-powered doorbell and cameras? Are they easy to install myself?