What are the key things to consider on window security bars?

It sounds like you’re looking for window bars. Considering durability, materials like steel, wrought iron, aluminum, and engineering plastics are good options. Aesthetically, choose designs that complement your property’s overall look. And for installation, some types may need professional help.

That depends on what exactly you’re going for.
Here are some guiding factors to help you make a decision:
Type of Bars:
There are various types including:

  • Folding Bars-Can open and close, so they’re handy, but might cost more.
  • Fixed Bars- Very secure and cheaper, but can’t open them, which might be a problem in an emergency.
  • Removable Bars- You can take them off when needed, just make sure the locks are strong.
  • Quick Release Bars-Secure and easy to remove quickly if needed, but check the release mechanism is reliable.

Material-Go for strong materials like steel, wrought iron, aluminium, or sturdy plastic
Local Rules-Make sure to not break any local rules about installing window bars.

Thinking about adding them, but curious about the pros and cons. What are the key things to consider?

Steel sounds very secure, but would wrought iron be a good option for a more decorative look on my Victorian house?