What are the best cloud-based security cameras with good apps?

I’m moving into a new place soon and need some new cameras. Currently, I use Geeni cameras, but they have frequent issues like disconnecting from Wi-Fi, slow performance, and delayed notifications.

I need a doorbell camera and three outdoor cameras. I want to be able to view all the camera feeds in a grid view on an app, similar to an NVR setup. One of the cameras will face a gate that’s out of view from the house, so I need to ensure it’s locked to keep my dog safe. I plan to display all the feeds constantly on an iPad, tablet, or Echo Show near my front door.

I’ve seen great Amazon sales for Blink cameras, but the reviews are not impressive. I also checked out Telus home security, but it’s $60 a month, and I’m not interested in the window sensors they require.

Any recommendations?