What Are Some Simple Alarm Systems Recommended for Apartments?

Hey, guys, I’m looking into getting a basic alarm system for my apartment. Any recommendations on simple ones that are easy to set up and reliable?


I’ve been in the alarm industry for about 15 years now. When it comes to apartments, there are a few good options and one really bad one. Simplisafe is the worst by far. Their system’s “brain” is this odd cone-shaped device. If you unplug it or take out the batteries, the whole system becomes useless and won’t alert the police. There’s a delay of about 2 minutes before Simplisafe is notified, which gives more than enough time for someone to disable it and potentially rob you.

Now, for the better options. A good starting point is a DIY option from one of the big alarm companies like ADT. They offer kits you can install yourself that are simpler than their regular systems but still effective for apartments, capable of calling police or fire services, which is crucial. Cove is another decent choice, although their parent company Alder has a questionable sales history. Equipment-wise, Cove is easy to install and gets the job done.

Nest surprisingly offers a solid option too. If available, consider systems from your local cable company like Xfinity or Comcast. Just ensure it has cellular backup; otherwise, if your Wi-Fi goes down, so does your security system.

For cameras, there are three reliable options. If budget is a concern, Wyze offers great value for the price with basic but effective cameras. Blink is a step up with solid performance and durability. However, Nest stands out as the top choice in the industry right now with advanced features like facial and package recognition that outclass competitors by years. If you can afford it, Nest cams are truly exceptional.

Feel free to ask if you have any questions about these options or anything else in the field, I keep pretty current with industry developments.

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Opt for SimpliSafe. It meets the requirements without any long-term contracts.

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Absolutely not. SimpliSafe is the worst system, period. It’s so poorly designed that you can bypass it with just a screwdriver. It seems like they made it to give people a false sense of security rather than actually protecting them.

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You can think what you want, but I’m speaking from my own experience. I’ve used SimpliSafe for many years across several homes, including properties we flip because there’s no contract. Every time, they’ve performed perfectly without any issues.

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Yeah, if you leave it alone, SimpliSafe is okay. However, if you unplug it and take out the batteries from that cone-shaped unit, it can’t send signals, rendering it completely useless. Many people also forget to put batteries in them, so just unplugging the cone usually works. I struggle with any system that’s that easy to disable. It might make you feel secure, but operationally, it’s the least secure option out there.