What are some of the best house security systems?

Hello, everyone!

Lately, I’ve been contemplating upgrading my front door lock. My wife has had some reservations about smart or electronic locks, but after our recent trip to Europe, she’s become more open to the idea.

While abroad, we experienced a lock similar to this one. What impressed us most were its auto-lock function and the built-in deadbolt, which provided an extra layer of security.

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Consider smart locks with auto-lock and built-in deadbolt features for enhanced security. They offer convenience and peace of mind


Top home security systems include:

  1. SimpliSafe: Easy DIY setup with optional monitoring.
  2. Ring Alarm: Integrates with cameras/doorbells; DIY with optional monitoring.
  3. ADT: Professional installation with 24/7 monitoring.
  4. Vivint: For smart homes, with professional setup.
  5. Frontpoint: DIY install, praised for customer service and monitoring.

Choose based on your preference for DIY or professional installation and smart home needs.

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Pricier ADT or Vivint or DIY systems such as Ring, Simplisafe, Abode, Cove, etc.

While cost is important it is not the most important factor. I hope DIY systems are good

Upgrading your door lock sounds like a great idea.

Especially with the auto-lock function and deadbolt, it seems like a big security boost.

Have you considered any specific smart lock features you might be interested in, like keyless entry or phone control?

Hi there guys,

I can share that the Ring Alarm Pro has been a fantastic choice for me.

It’s a DIY security system that’s easy to install and offers a wide range of compatibility with various security accessories.

The built-in Wi-Fi 6 router is a standout feature, as it can improve your Wi-Fi’s range and speed, which is particularly beneficial for security cameras and other smart-home devices around the house.

The professional monitoring plan is comprehensive and one of the least expensive I’ve come across, providing 180 days of video storage, cellular backup, and 3 GB of 24/7 backup internet with the option for more.

The system works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa and allows for a great deal of customization to suit your preferences.

Overall, I’ve been very pleased with the performance and reliability of the Ring Alarm Pro.

It gives me peace of mind knowing my home is secure, and the convenience of controlling it all from my smartphone is a huge plus.

If you had a good experience with smart locks in Europe, you should look into comparable solutions for your front door. For increased security, look for features like auto-lock and integrated deadbolts. Talk to your wife about your concerns and select a reliable brand that puts safety and convenience first for peace of mind.