What are some lights bulbs that are less attractive to bugs?

Hey everyone, summer nights are finally here, and I love spending evenings relaxing on my porch. But lately, my enjoyment has been getting zapped by a swarm of pesky bugs attracted to my porch light. I’ve tried swatting them away, but it’s a losing battle. Does anyone have any recommendations for light bulbs or fixtures that are less attractive to bugs? I’ve heard something about warmer colored LEDs, but I’m open to any ideas that will help keep my porch a bug-free zone Looking forward to hearing your tips and tricks for keeping the creepy crawlies at bay!

I used to have the same issue with bugs swarming around my porch light during summer evenings, disrupting my relaxation. After trying various solutions, I switched to using yellow “bug light” bulbs, which emit light in a spectrum less attractive to insects.

These bulbs are often labeled as “yellow,” “amber,” or “warm white” and are readily available at hardware stores or online. Since making the switch, I’ve noticed a significant reduction in the number of bugs around my porch. They’re attracted less to the yellow light compared to standard white or blue-tinted LEDs. It’s been a simple yet effective solution to enjoy bug-free summer nights on my porch.

Modern LED bulbs in a warm white tone are a great choice. Avoid cool-toned bulbs that have a blueish hue, as these attract more bugs. Incandescent and CFL bulbs produce too much heat and also attract bugs.