What are good outdoor security cameras you can buy from Amazon that don't require a monthly service charge to store recorded footage?

I recently joined Amazon a few months ago, and since then, the crazy people in my neighborhood have been stealing my packages from my home, where I have been making insane purchases.

(Yes, it would [not] be amusing if I placed an order for a security camera and someone else opened the package as well.)

hallo,sir,my advise is,numerous outdoor security cameras are available for purchase on Amazon which dont necessitate a monthly service fee for storing recorded footage. when selecting a camera, take into account your requirements and financial constraints.

After researching and comparing various outdoor security cameras on Amazon, I found several options that do not require a monthly service charge to store recorded footage. One of the top-rated options is the Solar Wireless Security Camera System Outdoor, which includes a 4-camera kit with 4K resolution, night vision, and motion detection. This system records footage locally on a 32GB microSD card and does not require any monthly subscription fees. Another popular choice is the EufyCam 3, which offers 4K resolution, facial recognition, and 16GB of local storage that can be expanded up to 16TB. This camera system also does not require a monthly fee for storage. Additionally, the WUUK 2K Wireless Outdoor Security Camera offers 2K resolution, night vision, and 32GB of free local storage, making it another cost-effective option without monthly fees. These cameras provide reliable and high-quality video recording without the need for a subscription service.