Trouble with Qolsys IQ 2 and System Sensor COSMOD2W Reset?

So, we’re finally upgrading our ancient DSC system to a shiny new Qolsys IQ 2+. Everything seemed to be going smoothly until they tried to integrate our existing smoke/CO detectors with the new system.

Turns out, the COSMOD2W interface module won’t play nice with the IQ 2+ because there’s no way to reset it if the smoke or CO alarms go off. They managed to power up the detectors for now, but it’s definitely not a permanent solution. They’re scratching their heads over it and are coming back tomorrow to brainstorm some more. Anyone here dealt with this before?

Any tips or tricks would be much appreciated!


Contact Qolsys directly for guidance. They may have encountered this issue before and might have a firmware update, specific configuration, or a recommended solution.


You don’t have any PGM outputs to use to reset power, so you need something that will do that for you.

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Sorry, should have mentioned, they did indeed install a PG9WLSHW8. This problem exists with that installed.