Too many devices connected to router?

This might be a basic question, but I am stumped.

I have several smart devices in my home, all connected to a router on the 2.4GHz channel. We use the 2.4GHz channel exclusively for smart devices and the 5GHz channel for work.

Currently, we have about 30 smart devices (switches, breakers, bulbs, etc.) and about 5 devices (phones and laptops) connected to the router.

Lately, our Wi-Fi has been problematic. It disconnects randomly, takes a long time to connect, and often requires multiple attempts. Could this be due to having too many devices connected?

I am using a router that came free with my broadband connection. Could this be the issue? If so, what should I do to fix it?

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I gave up on the free route offered by my internet provider. Install a house mesh system. I have an older model Google Nest WiFi with three stations. 65 devices with no WiFi difficulties.