Suggestions on the best indoor air quality monitor

Sup guyz…

I’ want to invest in a good indoor air quality monitor and could really use some suggestions. My family and I have been spending more time at home lately, and I’m concerned about the air quality in our house, especially since my son has asthma and my wife has allergies.

I’ve done some basic research, but there are so many options out there with varying features and price points.

Investing in an indoor air quality monitor is crucial for maintaining a healthy home environment, especially with family members who have asthma and allergies. I recommend considering monitors like the Foobot, Airthings Wave Plus, Awair Element, or AirVisual Pro, which offer comprehensive monitoring of pollutants such as VOCs, CO2, particulate matter (PM2.5), humidity, and temperature. These monitors provide real-time data and insights through smartphone apps, allowing you to track air quality trends and receive alerts when levels fluctuate. Choose one that best suits your needs regarding the pollutants you’re most concerned about and integrates well with your home environment for effective monitoring and management of indoor air quality.

I too have dreamed of an accurate and reliable all-in-one. However, we probably won’t see a device with everything in it for the reason that they all have optimal locations that aren’t the same. i.e., you want a smoke sensor on the ceiling (because smoke rises), but the EPA recommends having the CO detector about 5’ up on a wall. Radon is heavier than air, therefore the best place for that detector is closer to the floor.

For your other sensors though, combining them is easy. AirGradient is a good choice (requires technical knowledge), but I built one that has temp, humidity, TVOC, CO2, PM 2.5/5/10, and NOX. There’s room for more, but haven’t gotten around to it, I’ll probably try to add CO and Formaldehyde or maybe Radon.

The problem I have with many of the others is that they want to call home to their manufacturer and use their app with ads and tracking. I’ve programmed my AirGradient to send data straight to HomeKit and it will eventually log it using my local database, when I get that set back up.

Confused about air quality monitors? No worries! Here’s the lowdown:

  • Focus on pollutants: Decide what matters most (dust particles, allergens, etc.) Monitors track different things.
  • Features vs Budget: Basic monitors track essentials, while advanced ones have apps and history. Consider your needs and budget (from $50 to over $200).

Options to consider:

  • Temtop M10 (budget-friendly): Tracks PM2.5, VOCs, and CO2. Easy to use.
  • Airthings Wave Plus (more features): tracks PM2.5, VOCs, CO2, and radon. Smartphone app, air quality history.