Smart switches or smart bulbs?

I am in the process of automating my new home, and all the switches are old and discolored, so they need to be replaced anyway.

My main dilemma is whether to replace all the bulbs with smart bulbs, leave the switches “on,” and use regular switches, or to keep normal light bulbs and replace all the switches with smart switches. What are the pros and cons of each approach that I might be missing?

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There are only a few reasons to prefer smart bulbs over smart switches. One is that you desire or require coloured lights, and the other is that the bulb is in an area that cannot be controlled by a smart switch or smart plug.

Aside from that, the only option is to use a smart switch (or smart plug for table lights and other devices that are not controlled by a wall switch).

Choosing smart bulbs versus smart switches is mostly based on a few factors. There are two reasons for this: either you need or want colored lights, or the lightbulb is in a place where it cannot be controlled by a smart socket or switch (I had to replace the lightbulb in my range hood with a smart one because the on/off switch is just a tiny push button).

I prefer switches. You can use any bulb with them, and they also have manual options for turning things on and off, so they work just like traditional switches. They don’t take away any functionality and add many possibilities.

Unless you want RGB bulbs, switches are the way to go.