Should I link my Nest doorbell to my home security system?

Hey guys, I’ve got an ADT system that’s already monitored, and I just set up a Nest doorbell. There’s an option to link my Google Home account to the ADT system, but I’m not sure why I’d want to do that. Any benefits other than seeing doorbell videos through the ADT app instead of the Google Home one? Doesn’t seem like much of an advantage to me. Am I overlooking something here?


If you have ADT’s video level service, connecting them will provide you with Nest Aware. Otherwise, linking them allows you to arm/disarm your alarm and control connected automation devices through your ADT system.

Note that you won’t be able to view your Nest camera within the ADT app, regardless of linking them.

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Linking your Nest doorbell to your home security system can enhance overall security integration, allowing you to monitor and manage both systems from a centralized platform. Ensure compatibility and assess if the additional features justify the cost and complexity of integration based on your specific security needs and preferences.

Linking them allows you to arm and disable your alarm as well as control any automation devices connected to your ADT system.