Setting Up Cameras and NVR Without Internet Access

I’m looking into setting up security cameras without internet access, and I’m considering Reolink or Amcrest systems for this purpose. Here’s a summary of my plan:

  1. Install cameras and NVR on a VLAN that lacks internet access.
  2. For remote viewing, connect to the network via VPN using Tailscale. Tailscale needs to be installed on a device within the VLAN.

I’m seeking advice on any potential oversights or security vulnerabilities in this setup. Additionally, I’d appreciate guidance or tutorials on how to implement this configuration, as I’m unsure about the setup process.

Thank you for your assistance.

Another point to explore is Tailscale’s reliability for VPN access.

Reolink and Amcrest cameras are compatible with third-party NVRs, allowing you to mix and match them or any other ONVIF-compliant camera without vendor lock-in.
However, setting up Reolink cameras requires using their proprietary desktop or smartphone app.