Seeking views on defender security systems

Hey everyone,

I’m diving into PoE cameras and feeling a bit overwhelmed. Originally, I was eyeing Reolink because of their affordability and performance. But now, I’m leaning towards a western company that won’t break the bank for a basic PoE setup. I stumbled upon Defender while browsing Costco products. They seem to be a Canadian company, though not as widely reviewed online as others. Their website mentions that the cameras are made in China, but being a Canadian company, I assume they abide by Canadian privacy laws.

I’m considering their “Sentinel 4k Ultra HF Wired 4 Channel PoE NVR Security system with 4 cameras.” The price and features seem right for me, plus, buying from Costco gives me a bit more peace of mind in case of any issues.

What are your thoughts on this system? Any insights?

Going for the “Sentinel 4k Ultra HF Wired 4 Channel PoE NVR Security system with 4 cameras” by Defender is a smart move. It’s a good deal with high-def 4k cameras and it’s sold at Costco, so you know you got backup if anything goes sideways. Here’s the lowdown:

  1. Quality’s Top-Notch: You get super clear 4k videos.
  2. They Play It Cool With Privacy: Defender’s Canadian, so they’re pretty tight on privacy.
  3. Setup’s a Breeze: It’s PoE, meaning less mess with cables. Make sure the app ain’t a headache to use.
  4. Check the Backup Plan: Peek at Defender’s help line and warranty, plus Costco’s return game.

Defender might not be all over the reviews, but with Costco’s backing and solid features, it’s a solid pick, especially if you’re all about keeping things quality, private, and hassle-free.

So, I got these new security cameras. They’re my second set from the same company. The first ones I got were more than 6 years ago, and I really liked them.
So, I figured I’d upgrade and get the latest version. This new 4K ultra system is awesome! The pictures and videos it takes are top-notch. But my favourite thing is the motion sensors. They send alerts straight to my phone whenever something moves.
I highly recommend Defender.It’s a good security camera system,