Seeking Recommendations for House Intercom system

Is there a system that lets me talk to people in 6 rooms, with smart features?

Here are the features we need:

  1. Press a button to talk, like a walkie-talkie. Press button 1 to talk to room 1, and press 4 to talk to room 4.
  2. It should be wall-mounted with a speaker, so I don’t have to pick up a cordless phone or anything.
  3. It would be a bonus if I could talk to any room even when I’m outside the house (since the kids don’t have cellphones yet).

I’ve been using the Nucleus Intercom system, and it might be perfect for you. It allows you to communicate with different rooms through a wall-mounted device with a simple button interface for talking to specific rooms. It also supports video calls and connects to your home Wi-Fi, so you can use your smartphone to communicate with any room, even when you’re outside.

Just installed this in my home. The Grandstream GXP1625 in the laundry room, the Grandstream DECT DP750 base station with two DP720 handsets (cordless phones) for the living room and bedroom, the Grandstream GRP26xx for my office, and the FreePBX/Asterisk server are all located downstairs.

Establish separate page groups for one method and two ways to reach every phone. Additionally, you can use FreePBX to perform a two-way page just between those two phones by dialing *80 and the extension.

I also opened a phone service account with Unitel so I could make out-of-state calls.