Seeking Recommendations - Ceiling fan with light and remote control

Can smart lights work with ceiling fans that have a remote for on/off and dimming? We moved into a new house with fans that don’t have wall switches. The fans are old and I want to replace them. I want to use a remote to turn the fan on/off and control regular smart bulbs. Many modern fans have built-in dimmers, but these might not work well with smart bulbs. I had issues with smart bulbs and a dimmer switch before. What do you think?

For your situation, consider smart ceiling fans with built-in controls like the Modern Forms Wynd 52. These fans offer convenient features such as fan speed adjustment and light dimming directly from their proprietary apps, compatible with iOS and Android devices. This setup allows you to manage both fan functions and smart bulbs seamlessly.

Hi Mason… Integrating smart lights with ceiling fans that rely on a remote control for on/off and dimming can be challenging due to compatibility issues with traditional dimmer switches. Smart bulbs typically require constant power to maintain their functionality, while dimmer switches alter voltage levels, potentially causing flickering or erratic behavior in smart bulbs. Considering your situation with older ceiling fans lacking wall switches, exploring smart switches or modules designed for ceiling fan control might be more suitable. These devices can provide remote control capabilities via smartphone apps or voice assistants without interfering with the fan’s existing control system. Consulting with an electrician can help identify the best solution tailored to your specific setup, ensuring smooth integration of smart technology while maintaining functionality and safety.