Ring Camera Alternatives?

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I’m planning to move in with my girlfriend soon, and we’re thinking about adding some security to our new place. We’re interested in getting a doorbell camera, but I’m a bit worried about Ring because I’ve heard about their privacy issues and the Amazon Sidewalk Wi-Fi program. Are there any other good doorbell camera companies that respect privacy, don’t share footage without permission, and aren’t part of the Amazon Sidewalk program? It’d be great if there’s no subscription required, but it’s not a dealbreaker. Thanks for any advice!

Hey! Congrats on moving in with your girlfriend! Totally understand your concern about Ring. Here’s the good news: there are definitely some great doorbell camera alternatives that prioritize privacy:

  • Eufy: These guys are known for local storage options, meaning you can keep your footage on a microSD card instead of the cloud. Plus, no Amazon Sidewalk shenanigans. There are subscription plans for extra features, but the basic setup works without one.
  • Google Nest Doorbell: Nest uses Google cloud storage, but you have more control over your data compared to Ring. No Sidewalk either, and it integrates well with other Google smart home stuff if you’re into that. Requires a subscription for video history and some features.
  • Arlo: Arlo offers wired and wire-free options, with local storage on a base station as an option. They also have cloud storage plans, but you’re not locked into Sidewalk.
  • Blink by Amazon: This might seem surprising, but Blink actually offers local storage options and doesn’t participate in Sidewalk. They do have cloud storage plans available, though.

Choosing the right one for you:

Consider how important local storage is for you. If you prioritize complete privacy, Eufy is a strong contender. If you’re already invested in the Google ecosystem, Nest might be a good fit. For a balance of features and privacy, Arlo or Blink could be worth a look.

Remember: Even with these options, it’s always a good idea to check the company’s privacy policy before you buy. Good luck with the new place!

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