Reviews on Lorex cameras

I’m looking to install a video surveillance system in my home and thought that Lorex, being a division of FLIR, would be a safe choice. However, after reading numerous reviews—some good, but many bad—I’m seeking feedback from tech-savvy members. I’m particularly concerned about Lorex being owned by a Chinese company and hesitant to install any software with ties to the CCP. Do you think the negative reviews are simply due to faulty installation? Additionally, I’m interested in recommendations for other PoE systems. Thank you for your feedback!

It’s great that you’re doing your research before installing a home security system.

Lorex being owned by a Chinese company (Hikvision) is a valid concern for some people, especially regarding data privacy.

The Lorex 4K camera is an excellent choice for those seeking high-quality, reliable security footage.

It delivers a razor-sharp 4K picture and color night vision, ensuring clear images both day and night.

The camera offers intelligent alerts and voice control, adding convenience to its functionality.

With local storage capabilities, you can store videos without the need for a cloud subscription, which is a significant plus for many users.

I’d say that it seems like Lorex cameras are a solid choice for those who prioritize high-quality video and robust features.

The local storage option is a big win for avoiding monthly fees, and the AI features add a nice touch for smart security.

However, the potential complexity of installation might be a bit daunting for the less tech-savvy.

It’s like buying a high-end gadget; you’re getting top-notch quality, but you might need to spend some time with the manual or call in a friend who’s good with tech stuff.

Lorex offers high-quality video with a good range of features, especially for the price point. Local storage is a big advantage for those who want to avoid recurring fees.