Recommendations on what camera system to get - Wireless Security Camera with motion recording

I currently have a blink system at home, but learned it requires a subscription to record, and now can only view live footage.

I am looking for a system that will record motion, and keep for up to 30 days. I have 3 cameras at home - I do not want any subscription based camera systems. I am looking for something that is budget friendly.

I also have a cottage with internet that would like to have 1 camera at our front door. If I can keep everything under 1 system that would be preferred.

Hello @Slurry! I understand the frustration with your current setup. If you’re looking for a camera system that won’t break the bank and doesn’t require a subscription you might want to check out options like EufyCam or Reolink Argus series for both your home and cottage. They offer local storage without ongoing fees and should fit your needs perfectly.

Ring Stick Up Cam on a white background
Ring Stick Up Cam
Best overall

The Wyze Cam v3
Wyze Cam v3 Wired
Best value

Arlo Pro 5S 2K camera on a white background
Arlo Pro 5S 2K Spotlight Camera
Premium pick

Blink 3rd Gen Indoor Camera on a white background
Blink Indoor
Best indoor camera

The Lindo Pro Dual Video Doorbell
Lindo Pro Dual Video Doorbell
Best video doorbell

I’ve been researching wireless security cameras with motion recording, and there are some great options out there! For most people, a camera with 1080p resolution is a good balance of quality and affordability. If you need to see things far away, consider a higher resolution like 2K or 4K. Also, think about weatherproofing if you’re placing the camera outdoors. Many cameras come with night vision for clear views even after dark. The best part is these cameras can be set to record only when they detect motion, which saves storage space and battery life. With all these features to consider, it’s helpful to read reviews and compare prices before making your choice.