Recommendations on motion detector cameras

I’m completely clueless about computers, and I mean that. I have a MacBook Pro, and I think the operating system is Dan Marino.

Can anyone recommend a motion-activated indoor camera under $150 that doesn’t require a monthly fee? Or maybe a very cheap monthly fee? I’ve looked on Amazon, but all the cameras seem to assume you already know a lot about tech stuff, and they list all these features that make no sense to me. I need simple instructions like “hey dummy, take this out of the box, aim it towards the door, plug it into your computer in this hole, etc.”


the Wyze Cam Pan V3 is always the best camera if youre looking for a cheap motion detector camera

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There’s no operating system called Dan Marino… but there is macOS which is what most MacBooks use. Also, most indoor security cameras don’t connect directly to your computer but rather to your Wi-Fi network and then you can view the footage on your phone or computer through an app.