Recommendations for Non-Chinese POE Cameras for Home Security

I’ve been researching extensively to find the best home security camera setups. I’ve decided to use an NVR with Blue Iris, and now I need to choose the cameras. I’ll be installing 6-8 POE cameras, each paired with motion-activated floodlights.

Key Requirements:

  • Non-Chinese owned cameras (due to various concerns)
  • Budget-friendly options (preferably not spending $500 per camera like Axis)
  • Continuous recording with motion alerts through Blue Iris
  • Driveway camera with a viewing distance of up to 50 feet
  • Other cameras with a maximum viewing distance of 20 feet

These cameras will serve as an advanced alarm system and for recording video footage continuously.

What would you all recommend?

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Axis, but you’ll have to pay a heavy price for them.

Even with trusted cameras, it’s best to just take what you want and prevent its connection to the Internet. I simply store mine on an entirely different VLAN.