Recommend a Network Switch (8 port)

What network switches are you all using? We heavily rely on remote video meetings, streaming, and some gaming. Additionally, we have many automation devices using Amazon Echo. Thanks!


For me, TPLink or Netgear have always been reliable. While TPLInk is slightly more affordable for up to 16 ports, my 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps Netgear switches (blue metal boxes) have been in continuous use at my house for more than 20 and ten years, respectively.

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If you don’t want management, vlans, etc., even generic Amazon full duplex gigabit switches will work well for that purpose. The last time I observed packet-per-second or true delay constraints on a cheap-o switch was probably 10 years ago. Naturally, this is assuming that it is a genuine hardware switch rather than a software-based switch that uses a compromised copy of Linux to forward packets across ports.

In the unmanaged switch space, good ol’ Netgear is typically reliable.

Comparing prices doesn’t usually become more important until you need management and specific features like multicast, layer three features, vlan trunking, etc.