Please suggest best light bulb security camera

The wife doesn’t want any holes in the outside concrete wall.

We’ve got 3 light bulb spots on the front porch and by the garage door on each side. We’re using smart bulbs now, but we’re okay with giving up one for a security camera.

Here’s what we want:

No paying every month.

If there’s no free cloud storage, we want to save stuff locally, like on a shared computer network.

We want it to work with Google Assistant.

Got any ideas?

For the best light security camera, choose the Kuna Maximus Camera Floodlight. It:

  1. Replace a porch light
  2. Provides local storage options
  3. Integrates with Google Assistant
  4. Comes with no monthly fee.

Absolutely! Light bulb security cameras offer a discreet and convenient solution for monitoring your home or office environment. They seamlessly blend into your surroundings while providing high-quality video footage. Here are some top recommendations for light bulb security cameras:

  1. Galyou Light Bulb Camera:
  • Best Overall: Easy installation—simply screw it into a standard light socket, download the free Wansview Cloud app, and follow setup instructions.
  • Offers high-resolution 2K picture.
  1. RakeBlue Light Bulb Camera:
  • Best for 5GHz WiFi Networks:
  • Automatically detects indoor and outdoor panorama tracking.
  • Provides 350° pan and 90° tilt.
  • Sends motion-triggered alerts to your smartphone.
  • Allows footage sharing with family members.
  1. Amaryllo Zeus Lightbulb Camera:
  • Best for Advanced Features:
  • Auto-tracking of moving objects across 360 degrees.
  • Utilizes facial recognition for identifying family and friends.
  1. WooLink:
  • Best Value:
  • Records in 1080P (Full HD).
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

When selecting a light bulb security camera, remember to consider your specific requirements, such as indoor versus outdoor monitoring, preferred resolution, and additional features like night vision and two-way audio communication. Choose the one that aligns best with your needs!

Searching for a covert security solution? Take a look at these best security cameras with light bulbs:

  1. Ring Floodlight Cam: This is not a bulb camera, but it does have two-way communication, motion alerts, and great video quality.
  2. Kuna Maximus Camera Floodlight: This floodlight combo features a camera for warnings, crisp video, and two-way audio.
  3. Wyze Bulb Cam: This device has motion detection, color night vision, and 1080p video. excellent for merging with Wyze goods.
  4. Sengled Smart LED with Security Camera: A 1080p smart LED lightbulb that provides live streaming and motion detection.

Make your selection depending on factors like resolution, compatibility with smart homes, motion detection, and night vision. For the most updated information, always look through recent reviews.

In light of your choices and limitations, the following solution ought to satisfy your requirements:

Think of a smart security camera lightbulb. These gadgets, which fit your wife’s desire to prevent holes in the outside wall, are a great alternative to normal light bulbs because they do not need to be drilled or mounted into concrete. They provide monitoring as well as lighting, simply screwing into existing lightbulb sockets.

Important characteristics to consider depending on your needs:

No Monthly Subscriptions: Select a camera that does not charge a monthly subscription for access or basic functions.

Local Storage Option: Some smart bulb cameras allow you to store video directly on the device or maybe on a network-connected storage solution using microSD cards for local storage, which eliminates the requirement for cloud storage.

This is a helpful summary of features to consider when choosing a light bulb security camera: resolution, smart home compatibility, motion detection, and night vision.

Thanks for including the Wyze and Sengled options, those seem like interesting choices for people already invested in those ecosystems.